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camera rental

Looking for a different vibe for your videos? Try one of our rental cameras and check out the looks of these. See our rental service below.


We convert your analogue video  archive to a digital video format. Playable across your devices.

You'll receive a hard drive or download link with all your material. Please contact us if you have any questions.


To enjoy the full experience we'll edit a 5 to 30 minute video made entirely from your new digitized content. An after movie of your dearest moments in life.


Expert Digitalization of Cherished Memories

At Hi Tapes, expert digitalization takes center stage. Regardless of quantity or format, we handle this with care and efficiency. Together with you, we explore the best options to relive all your cherished moments.

Easy Access and Secure Storage

We offer convenient online options, such as direct access to digitized material via a drive. After digitization, we securely return the original tapes via mail, or pickup. You also have the choice of receiving the digitized material physically on a hard drive / USB Stick.

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Starts at € 7,50

Vital: Timely Digitalization

Videotapes and camera tapes have a limited lifespan. Factors like mold can lead to a loss in quality or render the tapes unplayable. Therefore, it's crucial not to delay in digitizing these precious memories.

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Hi8 60 minuten tape digitaliseren Hi Tapes
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VHS 180 minuten digitaliseren Hi Tapes Amsterdam.png
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0 Tapes

Hi8, Digital 8, MiniDV, VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, DAT Audio, Cassette tapes. For professional tapes, see below!

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filmspoelen 8 mm .png
Audio tape digitaliseren.png
0 Spools

Select the number of film reels. 8mm, super8, single film, 1/4" or 1/2" Audio tape

Dias Digitaliseren.png
0 Foto/Dia/Slides

Mini DV tapes are the most common 60-minute tapes. Also, Hi8 can be 60 minutes. Do you have these tapes? Please select the quantity.

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0 Professional Tapes

Slides, or Slides, are photos in a plastic holder. We scan these for you at high resolution; just like individual photos!

How would you lke to receive it?
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Bunch of film? Maybe it’s too much to watch it all one by one. We can edit a complete video of your just digitized material. Our editors will review your videos and are specialised in comprising a lot of material in a video. You can choose the length of the video. The length can vary from 10 minutes to 90 minutes. Is the material from a special occasion i.e. a wedding, birthday or funeral? Let us know and we can answer all of your questions.
After you’ve requested an edit and choose your desired length of the video, we’ll send you a form so you’re able to let us know the moments that have to be included in the video. Thus we can tailor your video to your preferences. You can also let us know if you want a music score for the video or the style you want to portray in the video. Rather be surprised? We can also do that! Check out the video below to see how we edit your digitized content to a Hollywood movie.

Starts at € 250

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