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Hi Tapes

At Hi Tapes, we believe that everyone should be able to easily review filmed memories. We also know that hardly anyone wants to battle with cables, cameras and endless rewinding just to get back to that one moment. We believe it is important to bring simplicity back into all filmed Hi8, VHS and MiniDV material and therefore convert all types of video in a simple way so you can quickly and easily see your memories on smartphone, tablet, computer or television.



Who we are

We are a young and small company driven from film and photography.

Nils, owner and founder, working as an actor and filmmaker, has a natural love for film and entrepreneurship. His love for filmmaking was born while making his first short films as a child on his grandfather's Hi8 cameras. At Hi Tapes, he takes this knowledge and passion for video material and directs the team of young editors to create beautiful montages from large amounts of material. Jonas, owner, is a cameraman and music producer. He used to make great use of the wonderful medium MiniDV. He himself is still looking for this box of tapes.



We are aware that your material is personal and private. Only when technically necessary do we view the material for a few seconds. We only store the material temporarily in order to then transfer it to our client. Once the material is taken, we delete these files.

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